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Graphic Design

Over the years I have worked with many youtubers and Twitch streamers by designing assets from panels to full custom packages.

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Website / Theme Design

Along with my experience in graphics, I also have many years of experience using Artisteer to design custom wordpress themes and HTML websites.

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Video Editing

One of my main hobbies is editing videos, from Twitch clips to vlogs and gameplay videos I have recorded myself for YouTube. 

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Hello and welcome to my website, I have built this site in order for people to find out more about me, what I do and more all in one easy place.

As an avid gamer and Graphic/Website designer I decided some years ago to design my own blogging website, using my knowledge of web design software Artisteer 4 I began designing my own custom WordPress theme and so here we are.

Over the years of my website I’ve slowly added more and more elements and a few years ago started to post Gaming and Product reviews, something I found that I quite enjoyed and hope to continue into the future.

However as some may know in 2018 I took a bit of a break from posting on my blog as well as recording and uploading YouTube videos, since then my life became somewhat hectic with other projects as well as being a moderator for a number of Twitch streamers though with some changes I decided 2021 would mark my return to blogging.

Almost 6 months into the year I’ve finally managed to complete a full re-design of my entire website

My plans with the website going forward is to continue posting my gaming related reviews but also adding other types of posts, so you can expect to see reviews on vaping products, video editing software and more.

For now I want to thank you for checking out my website and I hope you enjoy!

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