From an early age I’ve always been a bit creative, starting with DJing at the age of 13 in my bedroom until I took up music production two years later which I stuck with for over 10 years producing mainly Funky House, Hip Hop, R&B and Uk Garage.

During this time I also learned graphic design using Adobe Photoshop originally on my brothers laptop before getting my first custom PC, a hobby that’s still with me to this day meaning I’m able to create mostly all of my own graphics.

In 2013 I finally called it a day as a full time music producer and turned my head towards content creation, splitting my time betweet YouTube, graphic design and blogging on my own website.

2017 has already seen some new changes with me posting blogs more regularly and with advertisers pulling out of YouTube, I followed many others and set my sights on Twitch to continue my vlogs and let’s plays as well as plans to return to live streaming.