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On my site you'll be able to find out everything there is to know about me, as a Blogger, Vlogger and Gamer. There is also my blog where from time to time I will be posting about a huge range of things from product reviews, YouTube updates, and some random rants.

On my Biography page you can find out more about me as a person from my early life, why I started YouTube, my future plans and goals plus much more. I will also add a list of my hobbies, interests and so on later in the not so distant future.

On the image gallery page you can see some of my latest instagram posts, mainly focusing on gaming and computer images with a few random images and videos along the way. There is also the PC specs page which will list all of my PC parts including the peripherals and audio setup that I use for recording.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy.

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Is MovAvi’s Video Editor worth it?

Hey everyone! As a former YouTuber I’ve seen people online asking about video editing software and while most famous youtubers tend to pay out for the more expensive, professional editors such as Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere most smaller youtubers can’t afford these. It then falls to smaller editing software and having used many myself I found MovAvi to be […]

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