14 days of Blogging!

Hello everyone!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been pretty tied up doing lots of other things away from the internet, trying to sort out our big move and so on so I announced I’d be taking a bit of a break from YouTube as I didn’t believe I would be able to commit enough time to recording, editing and uploading content.

I am still working hard trying to get everything sorted out however I felt as though I was becoming a little less social with everyone, as well as not keeping everyone up dated and thinking about it some people probably think I’ve falling off the edge of the planet… but the fact is I haven’t, I’m still here I’m just a little busy at the moment.

So with all that I decided to push myself a little more and try to produce some form of content so I’ve sent a dozen emails to game development companies and I have actually recorded a few videos that are being edited over the next few days or so.

One of the things I thought of was posting blogs (I do have this blog after all) so I announced on Twitter and Facebook I would be doing “14 days of blogging” and here it is, day 1 and it’s begun.

So, what will you be seeing?

At the moment I still have no idea what I’ll be posting about, obviously I want to post some game related content and some tech reviews etc but I also want it to related somewhat to me so I’ll be combining my “Road to Recovery” series following my journey fighting mental health issues such as Depression, Anxiety, phobias and Insomnia which, if all goes well I may continue to post after the “14 days of Blogging”.

Also I just wanted to mention, if you wish to get involved you can sign up to my site and post you’re own comments on each of my posts and I will do my best to reply to everyone!

So, until tomorrow… Take care and I’ll speak with you all again soon!