2014 Games I digg!

Hey everyone!

So today I decided that as my website is mainly based around my gaming venture, I thought I should really post some stuff that are actually gaming related rather than posting my usual rants. So in this post I’ll be talking about some games that have caught my attention, what I think of them and whether or not I’ll be buying them….so here goes nothing.

Those that know me will know this kind of game isn’t usually my type of game to play, however after watching various videos and streams of users playing it online I do have to admit that the graphics are pretty damn impressive.

I love the idea of the Titans however the only part about the title that hasn’t impressed me is there is no sight of any form of demo game, obviously some were lucky enough to get the beta version ahead of release but this was purely a stress test to ensure there were no issues in the game and to find out of players would experience any form of lag.

But what about those that missed the beta release? are we just expected to pay for a game in the hope we like it….Bad move in my opinion!

So for years I’ve played most of the Halo titles, my brother is the reason behind this as he owned (I think) all the Halo releases so I often found myself playing them from time to time and as with a lot of games out there you really can spend hours playing the game without realizing just how long you’ve been playing.

I enjoyed the idea of the game shooting weird and wonderful creatures without some well thought out guns but for me the most enjoyable parts of the game had to be the vehicles! Cruising around in the Warthog was so much fun and obviously, a lot quicker but the question remains….will I be buying this?

As this is only going to be available for the Xbox One (whoever saw that one coming huh?) I very much doubt that I will be playing this title at any point, I’ll explain why in another post.

Tom Clancy’s: The Division:
This is quite possibly the number one game I’m waiting on, but due to being powered by Snowdrop it’s only going to be made available on Next Gen consoles and PC.

It is said to be set in a post-apocalyptic New York City.

Sims 4:
Ok, maybe this one should be more for the kids but having seen this at EuroGamer 2013 at earls court I’ve been seriously interested in this and the sound of the improvements that have been made makes it a definite To-Buy game for me.

Euro Coach Simulator:
Ok I’m mentioning this one in here even though there’s currently no “official” release date but since it’s being developed by SCS Software (developers of Euro Truck Simulator 2) it’s definitely a title I’ve already decided to give it a go once it’s available.

Taking the idea’s for ETS2 users and the various Coach mods available it seems people enjoy the engine SCS created for the game as well as the map etc, so I’m guessing it’s safe to say they believe this could be yet another hit title for them….and I agree.

So there you go, a little insight to some of the games I’ve been watching and what I think of them. I will be posting again about my thoughts on the next gen consoles and whether or not I’ll be taking the financial hit and getting one myself but until then….take care everyone!!