A new project is coming!

Hey everyone!

Over the last few months while recording unboxing videos over on my YouTube vlogging channel I thought about trying my hands at reviewing products, games etc however rather than create videos doing them I thought about making a whole new website.

I’ll be honest I could easily do them on my current website however I thought it would be nice to distance the review project from my personal website as this site is not just about gaming or tech, there is a lot coming onto this site including mental health posts etc.

The main reason for the idea though is due to the fact that a lot of online stores ask for your opinion and will only publish positive reviews and leave out anything negative, this way I am in full control of what I publish.

Please remember however, due to my mental health issues I have always said that my health will always take priority so if motions stop it isn’t permanent and I will always be open about why things are delayed.

Will this affect your YouTube career?

Obviously, starting out on the project I do want to devote some time on pushing it and creating content however as far as YouTube goes the project isn’t going to replace my ambitions.

There is however another future project that I plan on starting hopefully not too far away that will see me dropping from a full-time YouTube content creator to part-time but I’ll discuss that at a later date.

When does the new website launch?

I am aiming to have the new website completed within the next week or two however at the moment I have no deadline as there are other expenses to be made over the next few weeks as well.

If you wish to stay updated with regards to the new website, follow me on Twitter as posts from my blog are shared through my Twitter.

For now though, thanks for reading and be sure to stick around as I have a lot still to come!