Am I quitting YouTube?

Hey everyone!

Over the last few months I have been struggling with my health and while having blood tests and so on I haven’t had the energy or motivation to actually sit down and try to record any videos.

When you couple this with real life stuff, website plans and other planned ventures I have come to the conclusion something would have to end and since I haven’t really been enjoying YouTube I have decided that for now at least I will not be uploading any new videos.

I’ve not yet totally decided if the channel will close or remain online but untouched however I have no plans for uploads at any time in the near future due to other commitments.

What about vlogs?

Obviously I haven’t long bought a new vlogging setup however as I stated before it isn’t purely for YouTube vlogging, it is mainly to aid my passion for photography which I now feel I have time to invest in and hopefully learn from people I know personally.

Is this decision due to recent YouTube Trolls/attacks?

Many online are probably aware that my previous upload that I titled “Dislike this video” (which has since been removed) seemed to attract a lot of negative attention, I’m unsure if it became targeted then shared or if people found it via a tag however it seems that some viewers took it out of context.

The aim of the video was to try and get current subscribers that were watching my videos but not engaging with them to understand that as a YouTuber (or not anymore) Likes and Comments are important, though some that viewed the video and commented seem to believe I was blaming people for bullying me… I’m aware of who was behind at least some of the dislikes since someone did admit to disliking videos as they didn’t like the game(s) featured.

So in short No, I’m not leaving YouTube due to the negativity though it’s obvious that people will always draw their own opinions and I’m unable to change that… It is simply due to the fact I’m lacking energy and motivation to continue with YouTube and when you try to record any kind of content during these times, the end product doesn’t come out well…

Again I want to thank those that have supported me during my time on YouTube, who knows I may return in the future but for now at least my time has come to an end.

I have many new projects planned hopefully very soon, some people are already aware of a few of them and in time once things are confirmed I will announce them here.

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you all again very soon!