AMD A10 Problems

Hey everyone!

Over the last few weeks or so I’ve been having people ask why recording has stopped on YouTube videos and where a certain video review is… The answer for the latter is, it’s coming.

The reason as to why recording has stopped (mainly for the gameplay channel) is due to my processor, the AMD A10 APU and due to the fact that when I attempt to try and record any kinda of HD video I experience huge amounts of lag.

It began with Minecraft recordings and I ended up having to scale down the quality within OBS, this made the picture really grainy and honestly not very nice to look at so I got in contact with a few people who had no idea what the issue was.

Eventually I took to the OBS support forum and dropped a post with an OBS Log and waited for someone to reply with a possible fix or a temporary solution however everyone was reading but nobody was replying.

So I decided to tweet OBS on Twitter asking them to take a look and one of the developers did just that and informed me that my problems are the A10 APU and explained that even though my processor is a good, fast cpu it isn’t too good at encoding at HD levels.

It turns out that even though the AMD A10 is a really good processor for gaming, designing and even rendering it really struggles when recording 720p or above which is an issue when you consider the R9 can handle upto 4k.

So, what’s the plan?

The plan now is that I am trying my hardest to save up enough money to switch out my AMD A10 APU and go for an Intel i5 4690k however this means switching the motherboard as well.

Luckily I’ve done some window shopping on my favorite website, Novatech Ltd and found that they are possibly one of the cheapest stores that I have found with some fairly decent prices.

This process could still be a few weeks away but I am doing everything I can do to try and get the new processor and motherboard as fast as I can.

So, stick with me guys and we’ll make it… Eventually!

Until next time, take care and I’ll speak to you all again soon.