Another major site update coming!

Hey everyone!

Over the last few days or so I’ve been working hard to figure out a way I could make my website more user friendly and interactive, as well as making the site more easier to update. Previously I would have to edit files offline then re-upload the edited files, now however I don’t need to as I have spent hours integrating the entire website with WordPress!

What does this mean for KevFahey-Gaming?

Seeing as now the website is controlled by WordPress, when I add a new blog post it will automatically be added to the website once I publish the post which is obviously a lot easier and faster than doing it all manually, I will also be able to give website staff permission to submit posts as well in the near future!

Also users can now register to the main KevFahey-Gaming website and actively take part on the main site by having the option to comment on all of my blog posts, please note to do this you must be logged into the site.

Obviously there is still a lot more to do on the site but with the harder parts already completed it should be an easy run now with a consistent stream of updates regarding myself and everything gaming!

Until next time, I have things to do so I’ll be back again soon!