Building my ultimate Vlogging setup!

Hey everyone!

If you didn’t know, a little while back during summer I started my own YouTube series called “The walking vlogs” where I would go for daily walks and from time to time when I had something to talk about… I’d vlog.

However my mental health took a huge turn and I found myself not even wanting to pick up my camera let alone embark on daily walks so the series somewhat stopped, however in an effort to keep the series going (as well as remain active) I’ve decided to upgrade my vlogging setup!

Previous Vlogs were recorded with my Panasonic Lumix TZ55 compact digital camera, the new setup proves more expensive but higher quality audio and video with my new Canon 700D DSLR with Rode VideoMic.

Firstly let me explain a little as to why a Canon 700D…

For a long time I’ve been interested in photography and in my younger years went to various shows and exibitions with family from Bovington tank museum, Euro Gamer and Beaulieu National Motor Museum to name a few, however I’ve always wanted to do more.

As well as going to these exibitions I also enjoy simply going out into nature taking random photo’s of the big outdoors and I’m hopeful that the new camera will help and enable me to pursue this passion.

Next, why a Rode VideoMic…

With most modern digital cameras they feature auto focusing where the camera will alter itself to attempt to keep the video as clear as possible, when using built-in mics on cameras there is the possiblity the sound of the camera adjusting can be picked up in the recording.

With the Rode VideoMic however, this will stop (or at least seriously reduce) the possiblity of these sounds being picked up as the Rode mic will replace the stock built-in mic.

Sure it all costs a fair amount of money to upgrade when most would probably tell me I don’t need to however I see it as an investment into my future as well as opening new doors and creating endless possibilities.

I collect the whole package tomorrow and will be recording two unboxing videos for my Xtra YouTube channel so be sure to keep an eye open on my Twitter for when the videos are live.

But until then thank you all for reading, I promiss to at least try and become more active both here and on YouTube and your continued support means so much to me!