YouTube changes explained…

Hello everyone! Some of you may have noticed that my two YouTube channels have recently changed names, the main channel “KevFahey Vlogs” was the first to change to “KevFahey Gaming”. This is due to the fact that I am hugely into gaming and as much as I love to record vlogs and other videos my true passion is being a […]

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Twitch streaming update!

Hey everyone! I’ve had people asking me why I haven’t started streaming yet and when I plan to start, so I decided to post this blog so hopefully people can understand more… The initial plan was to being streaming a few months ago since I now have a PC capable of streaming without any issues and I set about setting […]

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Razer announce the Blackwidow X Chroma!

Hey everyone! Recently Razer announced the “New” Blackwidow X Chroma, which personally is just a new version of a modified version of a keyboard Razer already had… But anyway let’s look into it. The Blackwidow series of Keyboards is possibly one of Razers most popular gaming keyboards, using mechanical switches with improved lifespan and some other bits (I’ll admit that […]

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