Changes are coming!

Hey everyone, Kev again!

So most of last year I had certain plans to improve my gaming videos and really wanted to push myself to hopefully go further in gaming and finally after a lot of hard saving and wise investments I am almost where I’ve wanted to be for a long time.

The main aim I had was to make a switch between making standard gameplay videos to producing gameplay commentary but I lacked the funds and knowledge to achieve this aim, however I’ve spent the last couple of months researching some ideas that I had and now those ideas are slowly turning into reality.

Earlier this week I purchased a Behringer C-1U studio microphone to record gameplay commentary videos, not long after one I worked out I had nowhere to put the mic I ordered a Citronic large studio microphone arm and Citronic Pop filter however these are still to be delivered so my next plan once they arrive is to get everything set up so I can start recording gameplay commentary.

I also plan to get into live gameplay streaming via my profile, as some may know I did get everything setup and ready not that long ago however due to the problems I ran into with my pc I now have to start over again so I’m planning to get everything setup again within the next few weeks or so.

For now though I’m feeling really poorly and need my rest, but remember to keep an eye out right here to keep up to date on all the latest with me, myself and KevFahey-Gaming.

Take care people!