Clearing things up about Razer

Hey everyone,

A short while back I treated myself to some Razer products in the form of the BlackWidow and the Deathadder but just a few months of using the Deathadder I experienced a somewhat common issue where the mouse would randomly double click, I fort tirelessly to get the problems fixed and eventually it was resolved.

My main issues though when it comes to Razer is that the support should be a lot better, as far as I remember it took two or three emails before they actually read what I was telling them and on two occasions they asked me to test the mouse on another computer even though I had told them that I had already done this.

I am actually a rather big fan of Razer and their products and the fact that they develop some of the best gaming gear available still amazes me, even some of their newest offerings have made it onto my to buy list. However, if somebody asked me to recommend a Razer product I would find this a little complicated… So far I could only suggest the Blackwidow keyboard, the Goliathus speed edition mouse pad and the Kraken Pro headset.

I guess sometimes when I get agitated by a company and I speak out about it, people take it the wrong way and read it as though I’m done with the company as a whole when really I’m only done with the single product.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I promise to push myself to do more blog posts from now on and hopefully add a lot more content to the site very soon.