CMS 2018… Is it really that bad?

Over the years I’ve spent a huge majority of my gaming in the Simulation category and one of the game titles that ate up a huge portion of my gaming life was the amazing Car Mechanic Simulator with many hours and even days being spent playing CMS 14 and 15.

After waiting what seemed a lifetime Red Dot Games eventually gave us Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 however even with around 2 years of development it wasn’t without a whole host of problems included.

It’s safe to say that a lot of Red Dot’s fans were somewhat annoyed at the number of bugs the game was released with and I can sympathize, though I was certain that the developers would eventually get the problems fixed and iron out the creases that I went on to buy the game anyway.

A few weeks in and the developers have been working tirelessly to fix the problems in the game, seemingly focusing on the main issues first so some of the minor bugs still remain… Hopefully Red Dot Games will get to those soon enough.

The main issues that I still see within the game are mainly:

  • Screen tearing – While this isn’t a huge issue it is something I would hope to see improved in an update soon.
  • Wheel nuts – It’s common knowlage that to undo a screw or bolt you turn it to the left however CMS 2018 wheel nuts on the right hand side of the car loosen to the left… On the left side of the car however they loosen to the right.
  • Slow loadingĀ  times – When you travel to a barn, track or to the junk yard the loading screens when switching between them seem to take quite some time, again hopefully they can improve on this.

This means that a lot of the main problems from infinite loading screens, crashes etc have appeared to have been resolved so I’ll give the devs credit for that at least.

Red Dot Games have also announced that they’ll be adding additional content such as another track, achievements and mod support however personally I feel they could make some much better improvements.

  • Option to hire staff – The option to hire staff would be a fun implementation personally, I’d like to be able to hire extra mechanics to work on cars alongside myself however we wouldn’t earn experience points from them… I feel this would add some form of realism to the game.
  • Option to modify cars – We’ve seen games that already allow us to modify cars already such as forza horizon however I’d like to see Red Dot Games to add this as well, we had a tuning available in CMS15 with the Performance DLC though didn’t give options of lowering cars or adding aftermarket bodykits etc.

Obviously I don’t expect my ideas to be shared or even taken on board by the developers though I often like to give my two pence when it comes to ideas for future updates/DLC’s.

My personal view of how the game is at the moment is that it’s a fun game to play, it does still contain bugs here and there that do need fixing but I’m sure that given time Red Dot Games will eventually repair their game and fix their mistakes.

However having said that the game can become a little boring after a while so if you’re easily bored of doing the same thing over and over… Probably best you skip this one.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far, I will be back with more content soon!

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