Extended Attributes Are Inconsistent… Fixed!

Hey everyone!

Over the past few day’s I had been experiencing some odd behavior with my version of Windows 10, it would keep giving an error saying “The extended attributes are inconsistent” and after about two days of going back and forth with Windows Support on Twitter I was starting to think it could be time to reinstall windows.

Although reinstalling windows could of had more benefits than just repairing this issue, I did think it would be an idea as I could then revert back to Windows 7 which is still in my opinion the best operating system to come from Microsoft to date. Sure Windows 10 has some pretty sweet features such as the apps (previously I had to play Candy Crush on my phone) but at this moment in time most of the features aren’t available to me.

So having thought about contacting the retail company where I bought most of my PC parts I found they could solve the issue for about £30 or so, obviously I began making backups so that nothing could get lost or damaged then I decided to google my problem again and… I found a fix, saving me a lot of time, money and hassle.

It turns out the error is due to the sound scheme within the Windows Themes, I assume I had unintentionally changed my Windows theme without knowing and it was a bit bugged and from what I have heard the problem is with Windows being unable to be loaded/played by Windows.

So, how do I fix it?

The fix is easy and personally I believe that anyone can do it… Even my father!

For Windows 10:

Minimize to you’re desktop and right click you’re mouse, select “Personalization and navigate to “Themes”. Under Related Settings select “Advanced sound settings”. This should load up a dialog box named “Sound”.

In the dialog box you will see at the top “Sound Scheme” with a drop down box below, click it and select “Windows Default” and then click Ok (Note: It may ask if you wish to save the previous scheme, I clicked No).

This should resolve you’re issues!

What do Windows say about it?

I have been in contact with Windows support and suggested that this problem be investigated to see if a preventive solution can be found or an article put together on the Windows website, I have not heard back since I made them aware that the problem had been resolved.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps!

Until next time, take care and I’ll speak with you all again soon!