Gold Rush: The game… Is it worth it?

Have you ever thought about digging up dirt and sifting for gold? Well now you can since Developers “Code Horizon” have brought us, Gold Rush: The Game!

But wait… Is it worth it?

Recently I saw a few live streamers and youtubers playing Gold Rush: The Game and I got to thinking if it was just another one hit wonder game, full of bugs like a few others we’ve seen pop up this year or is it actually any good?

Hoping for the best I parted way with some of my cash on Steam and got myself a copy and if I’m honest I am somewhat glad I did, but at the same time felt it might be a little over priced.

From the start you can tell it’ll be a grind and you will spend days on end trying to score big, or at least you’ll hope to because trust me… Digging dirt for hours on end throwing it into a box then flushing it with countless buckets of water, does tend to get a little annoying.

Eventually though you’ll earn enough to start buying new gear from excavators, bulldozers and front-end loaders as well as mobile wash plants, shakers, generators and so much more that will take out some of the grind.

Honestly the idea behind the game is a genius, I know I’ve personally thought up hundreds of games but never did I imagine that a game could be made from essentially digging dirt.

But there are some problems…

  • Firstly the game is laggy and the map, (while it seems pretty big) loads in sections so regardless of how powerful your PC is, be prepared to stop… a lot!
  • Then there’s the glitches where you can seemingly fall through floors, or fill up buckets with dirt while being nowhere near it and the various hit box issues while driving when you crash into thin air.
  • Also it seems the game goes against all laws of physics where items can be stood upright end on end and not move, even when driving over bumpy ground.

I’m personally hoping the developers can quickly get the issues sorted otherwise it’ll just go down as another game I wasted money on and I’ve done that too many times.

However aside from the bugs and the issues, just like me you may find the game start to take over a little and I’ve had to force myself to stop playing due to the problems and with me playing other games, the mouse sensitivity in Gold Rush seems way off what it should be.

Hopefully this has helped you to decide if it’s a worthy purchase or not, or if you just enjoyed the read feel free to share the post… I appreciate the love and support!

Thanks for reading!