How do I deal with bullying?

Hey everyone!

Something a little different today, seeing people being bullied and having been bullyed myself pretty much all my life by strangers, friends and even family… I decided I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject.

All of us at some point will have to deal with someone that doesn’t like us or what we do whether it’s at home, school, work or even just out and about and the types of bullying can vary but dealing with it really isn’t that hard if you know how.

Firstly let me explain that as a 30 year old adult male I’ve been bullyed on and off for well over half my life and when I looked into why it was pretty lame, some would mock me for not knowing my own mother, or being overweight and for a long time I lived in silence not speaking to anyone about it.

Over 20 years later I’ve grown such a thick skin 99% of insults or threats no longer affect me because I’ve heard it all before they literally are a broken record, unable to think of something original… The main way I deal with it these days is just to laugh it off.

However what happens when bullying oversteps the mark?

Again this isn’t new to me as I’ve personally been physically attacked as well as verbally, a few times even requiring hospital visits or (at very least) first aid treatment and I even have a scar on my head where I was struck with a full size house brick so these days words are nothing to me.

I’ve been threatened by people online calling me all the names under the sun or telling me they’re going to do something to me, what they hope to achieve from this though I’ll never know and personally I doubt even they know.

Personally I feel that bullies simply do it in an effort to stop others doing their own thing and being unique, we all have our own hearts and minds as well as having the ability to be special and do amazing things with our lives.

The main thing to remember is don’t give in to them, use their hatred as your fuel and motivation and prove to them you’re the tougher one.

I get emails most days from people threatening me and this is nothing that simply blocking the email account won’t fix and I’m sure I’ll get more after this post but knowing people want to bully me just confirms that at least someone is thinking about me.

Until next time, thanks for reading and remember… Be a buddy, not a bully 😉

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