I Don’t Hate AMD!!!

Hey everyone!

Today while I was checking through my emails I noticed an email someone had sent me, after reading my blog they stumbled upon my “AMD A10 Problems” post and had a little rant at me.

So, I decided to talk a little about my stance on AMD and explain a little more…

I have been using AMD Processors in the last three desktop PC’s and I have had no major problems with any of them, they always work and do exactly what I expect of them however when it comes to recording HD Videos (which requires a lot of encoding) the A10 5800K AMD APU tends to struggle… a lot!

Previously I was able to record gameplay videos for my YouTube Gameplay channel with all of the videos being encoded by the A10 APU however they weren’t HD and as far as my memory serves they were downscaled from 1440×900, then edited with Sony Vegas to push them out at 720.

When my current PC was built I had no plans to record HD Videos for YouTube, it was however designed to play games of varying types and the AMD A10 5800K APU which runs at 3.80GHz done that perfectly well.

I have been praised by professional PC builders for using the A10 in a gaming PC however I’m pretty sure a huge majority of them would agree that while the processor is fast and serves well in a gaming PC, the same can’t be said if you plan on recording any “decent” videos.

So as I’ve already said I love the AMD A10 and it will be staying in my current PC however with my future plans online drawing closer, it isn’t going to help so the current AMD PC will soon become my editing PC to edit Vlogs, design graphics and possibly in the future edit and render new gameplay videos for my YouTube channel.

Until next time, thanks for reading!