I got a Cryorig H7 Quad Lumi!

Hello everyone!

Recently my closed loop CPU watercooler from NZXT has been somewhat acting up, with the pump making some really odd noises and the fans dying (again) so I set about making some improvements!

Usually if I was happy with a brand (in this case NZXT) I’d find out what the issue is then set about fixing it, however in my experience the Kraken X61 cooler fans seem really below par as far as fans go, especially inside my computers case.

Since I built my pc the stock Corsair case fans have taken a lot of punishment from dust to being knocked around however they work perfectly fine, probably as good as new though the same can’t be said for the NZXT fans so it was time to get rid of them.

This is where Cryorig step in!

The H7 Quad Lumi is a collaboration between Cryorig and NZXT taking Cryorig’s high end H7 cooler however some changes have been made to make it better, starting with four 6mm high-end copper heatpipes, NZXT Cam powered Lumi RGB lighting system and a new QF120 1600RPM LED fan.

The new cooler is now controlled by NZXT’s cam software and mobile app so you can see everything from cpu temps, cpu loads and fan speeds and if that wasn’t enough with the Quad Lumi you can also control two independent RGB lighting zones from the “Cryorig” logo to the flood lighting on the base with various different styles on each from Fixed, breathing, fading as well as “Smart” and “Audio” options as well.

For example you can set the fan lighting to “CPU Temp” under the smart preset and select a list of colours that will act as a visual identifier on how hot or cool your cpu is running.

Cryorig have also made some changes to improve the cooler even further with the upgrade to four heatpipes for added TDP capacity, the new QF120mm 1600RPM fan and a reworked mounting system. The new mounting system will support LGA2011 V3 along with continued support for LGA115x and AMD’s AM4 socket meaning the cooler supports all the latest offerings from Intel and AMD.

The QF120 LED fan features built in acoustic absordbers, quad air inlet system as well as the white LED, Cryorigs QF120 line of fans will all soon feature LED variants.

But there are still some problems…

Even with the improved mounting system, installing this cooler will give you a headache and may take a few attemps to actually mount it. I found personally that the brackets that the heatsink attaches to can be a little tedious and ideally you’ll need 3 hands so be sure you have someone available to help.

One side of the brackets for me seemed really lose even though I ensured everything was a tight as possible without causing any damage yet still the left side remained loose, in the end I used a bit of tape to keep pressure on the one side.

But overall, is it worth it?

I bought mine from the guys at CCL Computers in the UK and if you want one, you’ll be looking at around £65 which for an amazing cooler is nothing when you consider two Noctua fans alone would be pushing £50 – 60.

Temps for me personally have stayed pretty much the same considering the swap from water-cooled, to air-cooled… The difference is so small the price easily makes up for it.

Thanks for reading, hopefully this gave you an insight to the H7 Quad Lumi and will help if you’re looking to purchase one yourself! If it did help please consider sharing it via the social links on the left, it really helps me a lot.