I want your feedback!

Hey everyone

Since launching my website I have been somewhat against displaying adverts even though I have a google adsense account and have the ability to display adverts on my site, the advantage of me doing this would mean that I could (in theory) earn a little towards keeping the site online.

However displaying adverts can also give a negative image and often people believe it looks as though the owners just want more money, at this moment in time I have zero income from my website and very little from YouTube (I’m yet to get a payment) so I want to know everyone’s thoughts.

If you visit my site on a regular basis would you be happy to see a few adverts on the site?

Please be aware, adverts are automatically altered using cookies so that the adverts are aimed at you depending on your search history meaning adverts can vary.

I look forward to hearing peoples thoughts, you can either sign up and comment below or comment on Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks for reading