I’m coming back!!

Hey everyone!

Firstly I want to announce that after a break from gaming to focus on personal heath and mental battles I am making my return to gaming, I’m not going to go into details regarding the issues I had to overcome but I think it’s safe to say that dealing with some of the issues I have faced I am now spurred on to push my life further into the direction I want it heading in.

As well as the above I have also been working on my new-look website, as a few months ago I broke the site trying to add new features and alter the look of the main site but after a few weeks of designing and motivation I have finally finished the website (Well, almost). Aside from the layout and overall design it’s done however I am aware there are a few pages that need finishing and I need to proof read everything as I know there are a few spelling mistakes here and there.

There are still some plans in place for the site and what I want to do so I think it’ll be an ongoing project for a short while, the main thing I want to deal with is a server move to speed up loading times and such. I’ll also be adding a reviews plugin to the site to make my future reviews stand out a lot more.

But for now I need to play catch up, I have a few games that I want to do some recordings with so that is now my main priority after I have finalized the pages that need finishing. I hope you’ll all support me as it’s going to be tough getting back into things but with a new found hope I’m even more determined than ever before!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all soon,