Is House Flipper any good?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, theres a very good chance you’ve heard of House Flipper the game and after playing it myself for just shy of 63 hours I thought now was a good time to talk about it.

Firstly to understand the game, it’s seemingly based off House Flippers in real life who buy run down properties to renovate and sell on for a profit as quickly as possible however the game also gives you jobs to help out other people from cleaning, painting or even altering floor-plans by removing or adding walls.

When you start a new game you’ll be given a small office in which you work from and by using a laptop you can find jobs to bring in some income, once you’ve earned enough money from these jobs you’ll be on the way to buying your own house to flip!

Houses range in sizes from the garages with bunkers up to full size family homes with prices to suit, your task will first be to clean them up before you start thinking about what you want to do with them then putting those plans together.

While you work on the properties you’ll see on the left of the screen potential buyers who will be rating the house, everything you do with the properties can affect the way they react so keeping them happy usually means they’ll be willing to pay more.

But how does the game run?

It’s already known that the game still has certain bugs that need fixing with frame drops probably being the worst of the issues, obviously the more items you place the more the game is required to render which affects the frame rates.

I’m aware that the devs seem to be working on the bugs as I have seen a slight improvement though I do still struggle to sit happily at or above 60fps.

You’ll also notice plug socketts located around the bottom of certain walls, these can not be moved unless you break down the wall it is placed on however this is currently only possible on interior walls… So if you’re designing a kitchen, you’ll have to work around them.

What about content, how many items can we buy?

While the game does have a lot of items that you can purchase from the store to put inside the properties there appears to be other items that can spawn in which we are unable to buy.

I have heard that more items will eventually be added though I haven’t yet seen anything officially mentioned, I am hopeful this is the case and that we won’t have to wait too long.

People also seem to share my thoughts that it would be nice if we could do more alterations to buildings including extensions, changing windows for different types and also the ability to alter the garden areas… You can’t have a bachelor pad without a pool!

Final thoughts

Having played almost 63 hours and already completing the game I do find it really enjoyable and somewhat addicting, while the bugs can sometimes become annoying they don’t really affect the gameplay itself too much in my opinion.

With almost endless possibilities in regards to how you can decorate the properties there are so many things you can do to each and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the devs bring into the game in the near future.

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