Is MovAvi’s Video Editor worth it?

Hey everyone!

As a former YouTuber I’ve seen people online asking about video editing software and while most famous youtubers tend to pay out for the more expensive, professional editors such as Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere most smaller youtubers can’t afford these.

It then falls to smaller editing software and having used many myself I found MovAvi to be my editor of choice, while it may not have the image of it’s bigger competitors it does have some fun and useful tools… but is it worth it?

What is it and what does it do?

MovAvi’s Video Editor is a powerful easy-to-use software for Windows and OS X allowing you to edit videos with no loss of quality as well as giving various effects and filters that can be applied, as well as the ability to add music, titles and even more.

Whether you’re creating a simple video featuring photo’s or you’re editing a vlog or let’s play for youtube, MovAvi can do it all and personally it does it just as well as Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere without the hefty price tag.

Obviously I’m not saying that MovAvi is the best option for everyone and if I’m honest, if I was still doing youtube and had the money to pick something different I probably would though for a beginner it’s the perfect companion.

What about price?

MovAvi is personally one of the most affordable video editors I’ve found so far, a lifetime single PC license will cost you £29.95 ($38.38 USD) and will allow you to cut, trim and join video clips, apply effects, add transitions, alter video quality, create slideshows and more.

You also have the option of MovAvi’s Video Suite which adds additional features and posibilities however this will be at a higher cost.

What about updates?

This personally is MovAvi’s biggest downfall, I’ve searched high and low for for information regarding terms for the updates and found nothing though it appears you have to pay extra though they do give 30% discount.

Personally I haven’t paid to upgrade and honestly it’s highly unlikely I ever will, one of the big turn off’s for me when it comes to any editing software is when companies make changes then force you to paying for them.

So in my opinion MovAvi’s video editor is worth it however expect additional costs to arise.

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