Is the Corsair MM800 Polaris RGB Mousepad worth it?

As a gamer I’ve gone through so many mouse mats over the years and never really found one I actually liked, ranging from Razer, Roccat and many others but perhaps now I have?

Corsair are well known for providing high quality gaming peripherals and computer components and with an already vast list of RGB peripherals the MM800 Polaris mousepad is just another addition to the collection.

The issues I’ve had personally with gaming focused mouse mats was that they were fabric and would often get dirty, sticky as well as the edges that would fray however the Corsair Polaris RGB mousepad is instead a hard micro-textured surface meaning if it gets dirty you can simply wipe it clean.

Add to this the handy USB pass-through, 1.9m light weight braided cable and 15 zone RGB LEDs, my opinion is that Corsair haven’t just made a fancy mousepad… They’ve created a highly customizable gem.

The MM800 is a large tactile surface that gives ample space to move your mouse, unlike some others where you could quickly hit the edge I’ve yet to play a game where I don’t have enough space for my mouse.

I’ll admit that when the RGB peripherals boomed onto the gaming market I wasn’t totally sure about it and may have claimed it was a “gimmick” for companies to re-work some of their products by adding RGB LEDs and potentially earn more profits.

However since I bought my first RGB product (Razers BlackWidow Chroma) I finally understood it, the appeal to be able to customize the lighting with millions of possibilites and a vast number of different effects… I caught the RGB bug!

The question is though, is it worth it?

With the fact it’s easy to keep clean, highly customizable and it looks really nice I personally feel it is worth it. Take into consideration first if you buy fabric mouse mats that can get dirty and need cleaning and possibly fray or the fabric becomes unstuck… With the Polaris these aren’t an issue.

Over the years of replacing fabric mouse mats I have paid out more in the long run than the Corsair MM800 cost me to buy alone so to me, its price is very much justified.

If you want to pick one up yourself you can get one from AmazonUK for £59.99.

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