KevFahey – Zoo Tycoon Xbox 360 Review

Hey everyone!!

So I decided to do my first review on my own site and after searching for game demo’s on Xbox live I found a gem, some may remember a few years ago a game on the PC called Zoo Tycoon by Frontier Developments….Well they’ve been fiddling about and now they’re back!

Zoo Tycoon is a business simulator where you can start you’re own zoo with the aim to build the best zoo possible, design the layout you want, adopt the animals you want even setting you’re own ticket prices! I’ve only played the demo on the 360 s0 far but from what I have seen it has certainly found it’s way on to my future to-buy list.

When I read that it was going to be the best Zoo Tycoon title to date I thought it was going to be a tall order, after all I was an avid player of the last PC release and soon become somewhat addicted and soon found myself playing it daily, but with some truly amazing graphics and some perfect additions (like the buggy that you can drive around in) they have actually managed to improve the game a lot!

Also for those that have the Xbox One, you haven’t been left out, Zoo Tycoon is available on both Xbox 360 & Xbox One however as it’s publish by Microsoft I’d imagine PlayStation users aren’t likely to see it anytime soon….however as was proved with Minecraft, never say never.

Final thoughts:
The gameplay is a really good experience as you can now interact with the animals from feeding them and playing with them from an Observation area and the graphics are pretty faultless, though I do believe this probably won’t appeal to the older gamers so it will probably be a purchase for the younger generation….though if like me you enjoy simulation games, this should be a purchase you should really consider!


Thanks for reading everyone, I will be adding more reviews very soon!