Major Website Update…

Hey everyone!

So after an eventful few days or so, I’ve decided to fully redesign my website as all the files for the previous design was lost during hardware failure within my main computer and with no backup available my only option was to start again.

Seeing as the previous design was just Blue I felt I could have done a lot better so for V2 I have altered the scheme and added Yellow into the mix and personally I feel it makes the site look a lot more fresh and appealing.

Obviously with personal websites things do change lots as will my site but I have now made a full backup of this update in case of any issues in the future.

Information on the hardware failure will be posted once I have more details from the tech team that are investigating the hard drive, however I have been told that because it was an SSD (Solid State Drive) it is to be somewhat expect due to the fact they are still a relatively new development.

Thanks for now