Microsoft remove “Delete File” prompt?

Hey guys!

Earlier I was going through some files that were on my old PC and sorting through some I no longer needed and deleting them when I found that once I pressed delete they would disappear, previously a dialog box would have popped up asking if you were sure you wanted to delete the file(s).

It appears that Microsoft have decided that we don’t really need this feature anymore and that it’s unneeded, I’ll be honest I have on many occasions deleted files that I didn’t mean to delete whilst probably tired or drunk however back then the warning dialog would jump up and prompt me that I was deleting files and I could cancel the action.

Now however, this is no longer the case…

Earlier while deleting the files I also deleted a few that I needed and in a blind panic I rushed to my recycle bin to dig them out, luckily I found them and restored them to their original location.

Now lets take silly old, tired Kev again for another possible cock up shall we?

There I am deleting lots of files and I begin deleting files I need without knowing I’ve done it, so off they go to my recycle bin when… I empty the recycle bin.

A few days later I go digging for the files I needed that I deleted and realize they’re not there and are probably gone forever.

Something we would all be a little peeved off about, right?

So I took to Twitter to contact the official Windows Support team to ask if there was any way to turn the feature back on and was told…

There currently isn’t a dialogue box for files when deleted. All files are sent to the Recycling Bin. If you try to delete files in the Recycling Bin the dialogue box will appear.

Now I have no idea why Microsoft thought this was such a brilliant idea but let’s just hope that Mr Gates deletes some vitally important files soon, we’ll soon get our beloved warning prompt back again.

Until next time guys… Take care and thanks for reading!