More problems to solve!

Hey everyone!

So as I plan to start the road to live streaming in the next couple of weeks I decided I could really do with a second monitor, so a few days ago I bought myself an AOC VGA monitor to run alongside my ViewSonic HD monitor but this hasn’t been without some teething issues that I need to resolve with the help of AOC support.

The AOC monitor is the same size as my HD monitor however it appears super bright and seriously grainy, it seems pretty hard to read text on the monitor as well which really isn’t helpful with my eyesight….countless headaches as my eyes strain to focus.

Aside from this issue I am now pretty much ready to start streaming however with other current commitments I’m holding off for the moment, I do plan to stream 1 – 2 nights per week as well as recording at least 2 commentary videos for YouTube, so we’ll wait and see what I can do over the next week or so.

Remember to keep checking my blog for all the latest updates about my gaming videos and streaming, I also plan to do some vlogs for YouTube once I can purchase a decent camera.

Take care everyone!!