More problems with GTA V Online?

Hey everyone!

So this week Rockstar released yet another update for GTA V Online,
which was reported to fix various issues within the online experience
however I have already found more faults with the game after installing
the update.

While driving with a friend I noticed the game would randomly freeze
as well as police now being able to kill you without even being able to
see you! On more than three occasions I was killed by police whilst
hiding in the corner of a room with only one way in….which I was

I would usually
suggest GTA Online users complain to Rockstar about the recent issues
which is what they have requested however they don’t seem to be able to
respond like game developers should, I have reported issues in the past
and just receive pointless automated responses telling me to read the
Rockstar newswire which rarely answers anyone’s questions.

Could this signal the end of support for Rockstar? they could sure win the award of worst ever
online launch as well as worst online gaming experience so far, even
some indie games I’ve played online have been better than GTA V Online
and they don’t have any sort of funding that Rockstar has available!

The only good news we have had from Rockstar is that the $500k
stimulus has now been paid out, as well as the cash cards also being
available so while they are paying out users are also paying in….so have
they really lost out? I don’t believe so.

Cheers for reading