Moving house update…

Hey everyone!

Not so long ago I posted about the fact that I plan on moving house as soon as possible, so due to this I decided to reduce the amount of time I spend producing YouTube content while I focus on getting things sorted for the big move.

We are now relatively close to that special day, I have spent possibly three or four days phoning various people over the last week or so as well as trying to figure other bits as well. The reason it has taken so long to sort what appears to be so little is due to my health, when I push myself beyond my limits my stress levels increase which is why we don’t really plan to move in the future (unless I win the lottery and buy a mansion).

I have pretty much got everything into place now and I am due to make a few more calls during the week to try and speed things up somewhat, we have a charity helping pay a deposit which is mainly due to my dad being ex armed forces and they may be able to clear our current arrears as well but we are hoping to get the deposit sorted first and the arrears can be dealt with after.

We still have the enviable task of finding a house that we actually like and can actually have so I am in discussions with a few agents about find the perfect house, given the fact we would rather a long term rent there isn’t a huge amount out there so it’s almost like searching for a needle in a haystack (I’ve always wanted to use that phrase).

So, with everything pretty much done it is more of a waiting game at the moment so while I am waiting to hear back from people I am trying to record a few videos and do as much editing as possible so that I can schedule YouTube uploads which will ease the stress when moving day approaches.

But for now I’m just here, waiting!

Thanks for reading, more posts are coming as well