Mrnotsopro – KNACK Game Review

Today I thought I would defend a very much unappreciated game, KNACK on the ps4.

It has had a lot of negative feedback and reviews, I have had this game now for little under two weeks and spend a lot of time playing it at first I was very cautious going into it because of said bad reviews. thank god all my concerns were all unfounded.

I have enjoyed every moment playing this game as the graphics are smooth and colorful with some very nice cut-scenes and hidden treasures to discover. Knack is a cute character that is made from mystical relics. Every time knack finds more relics it increases his size and power and there is always something going on in the game to stop you getting bored.

It took me around 2 days to complete the story mode which has 13.5 worlds, each world has 5 levels to complete before facing the boss at the end of each world (kinda like Mario). It can get a bit frustrating when knack is small and only takes two hits from an enemy to kill him and you have to go almost back the start of the level though this improves when knack grows bigger taking a lot more hits to kill him.

I haven’t tried the co-op mode yet due to only having one controller but when I do I will update this little review with my thoughts. I would highly recommend this game to anyone and especially for people with children or just a casual gamer who was into crash bandicoot as a child on the ps1/2.

I would give this game a solid rating of 7/10.