My Top 5 Minecraft Modpacks!

Hey everyone!!

Since I am a life long gamer I have played so many games I couldn’t even name them all, I started gaming during the days of the ZX Spectrum and the beloved Commodore 64 however out of all the games I’ve played… Minecraft is where I feel at home!

I began playing Minecraft during the peek of the modded scene of 1.7.10 and actually played modded BEFORE trying Vanilla (a term used for a non-modded game) So I decided today to round up my Top 5 Minecraft Modpacks.

5. Regrowth

Regrowth is a 1.7.10 HQM based modpack where you find yourself spawned into a barren landscape full of cracked sand and dead trees, lacking any form of natural growth this pack literally flips any usual Minecraft methods on it’s head.

Surviving in the overworld will certainly test you and the quest book will become your friend as you attempt to restore the world and finding a way to begin producing the materials you’ll need.

The packs developer said “A large part of the idea behind the pack came from a couple of what if’s” so the pack was designed to be without ore but still having a world to work with.

If you have the patience to grind your way through a pack that will eventually reward you, I highly recommend you try this pack!

Available on the Curse launcher here.

4. Forever Stranded

Forever Stranded is yet another modpack that will test you as a Minecrafter, since you find yourself crashed on a planet with little around you but sand and your first challenge will be finding a way to get water to cope with the heat.

The pack also uses a mod called “Spice of life” which again flips the normal idea of Minecraft eating on its head, now you need to live off more than just one type of food but this in itself won’t be easy either.

If this wasn’t enough you’ll want to work quickly to build a safe area as the pack also features the blood moon and while this will attract a lot of mobs from creepers, zombie and witches it also attracts Minecrafts new mobs… The husks that can survive the days in the desert biome.

Again if you can deal with the grind of finding water, food and the endless battles with mobs I recommend you try it out!

Available on the Curse launcher here.

3. Farming Valley

Farming Valley is a fairly new pack that is centered around the genre of games in which Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon reside, your task in this pack to build and maintain a farm/small town in order to progress.

You will first be required to spawn in a godess who will explain how to progress through the pack but essentially your task will be to build up a small town, build farms to harvest crops in which you can sell for gold to purchase more seeds and goods to aid your progression.

This pack is a lot easier to progress through than the above packs however it does still feature mods that will force you to rethink your playing habbits such as spice of life and if you think killing cows, pigs, sheep and chickens will help you… Only pigs spawn naturally, however there are other types of food available if your willing to forage.

Give this pack a go, I’m personally a huge fan of this pack even though I can’t stand Stardew Valley.

Available on the Curse launcher here.

Also go and drop the developer a follow on Twitter: @KehaanDK

2. Sky Factory 3

Sky Factory 3 is the newest version of the Sky Factory series of modpacks where you spawn into the void but with a single block of dirt below a tree, from this tree and block of dirt you need to progress to building your own floating platform however with this newer pack you get a little bit more.

This version adds some new mods along with some older re-written mods from previous versions but the basis of the pack is still pretty much the same.

I haven’t personally advanced too far within this pack though I am happy enough to list it here as it’s a pack I like to go back to and with some awesome mods featured it gives me a lot of fun, for example the chickens mod makes gaining resources somewhat easier though it can somtimes feel a bit grindy.

Again another highly recommended pack if you fancy a bit of a change from the normal style of Minecraft!

Available on the Curse launcher here.

1. DireWolf20 1.10

Finally my all time favorite pack so far comes from my favorite pack developer and possibly one of my favorite YouTubers “DireWolf20”.

I actually began my Minecraft venture on Direwolfs 1.7.10 modpack which I actually still play to this day however Dire has picked out some new mods for 1.10.2 and boasting almost half a million downloads on curse it seems very popular.

The pack is more focused on Tech from building machines, automated spawners and so on to aid you through the pack but doesn’t limit you in the way the others do with spice of life, you can freely come up with an idea and do it.

In my opinion the 1.7.10 pack was more enjoyable due to having other mods currently not available for 1.10 however I can happily play this pack for hours on end.

Available on the Curse launcher here.

That’s all!

I hope you enjoyed this post from myself, I felt like switching up the posts a little from my normal ranting and moaning about anything and everything and there will be a lot more of these types to follow.

Thank you for reading if you made it this far…


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