New addition to my setup!!

Hey everyone,

It is common knowledge among gamers that a comfortable office chair really is one of the most important things about a gaming setup, obviously the computer comes first but if you don’t have a nice, comfortable chair to use while recording content, writing emails or live streaming you won’t be able to do so for long.

For the last year or so I have been using an old, wooden dining chair which really isn’t comfortable at all and after prolonged use actually causes my legs to go numb and tends to give me pins & needles so tonight I decided it’s probably the best time (due to having the funds) to replace my chair with something better.

Untitled-1I chose to get some thoughts from a live streamer I have been supporting for a while known as Typoon and he recommended this, for £74.98 (Inc postage) it’s a racing style office chair and is said to be really comfortable and ideal for prolonged usage which is exactly what I need for my YouTube / Twitch venture.

The plan is to use the chair for about a week or two then do a review video for my personal YouTube channel.

So until then, that’s all for now!

Take care