New changes coming soon!!

Hey everyone!

Today I decided to write a new blog post as I haven’t really been very active over the last few weeks however I’ve been working on ideas which should (I hope) improve my YouTube channel and my website, which I’m going to mention a few here.

So for those that didn’t know a few months ago I bought a Behringer studio microphone, Citronic studio arm and pop filter however the microphone didn’t really cut it with the gaming commentary videos and streams so I have ordered a new mic. I was looking around for a new mic and found the Blue Yeti mic and after reading various reviews and having heard other YouTube commentators using it I made the jump to get one myself.

Once I have this set up and fine tuned to how I want it I plan to start the Twitch / YouTube live streams and also plan on recording a lot more videos for my YouTube channel.

It was also pointed out to me that my YouTube channel is under a different name and I am currently working on trying to change this, either by contacting YouTube or be creating a new channel… Not really what I want to do but I am a sucker for detail and want all my social networking info to match so we’ll see what I can do.

Lastly, I will be moving my entire website and blog to a new hosting provider as I am having a few problems with the current provider and the plan once this has been completed is to keep everything up to date. As you may have already seen I have a Media page on the site and I did say that my YouTube videos and in-game screenshots would be added however I’m yet to do this but I haven’t given up on it… I will be adding them soon!

So thanks for reading if you did, please check out my YouTube channel, follow me on Twitter but mostly… Keep checking back here as I have some big changes coming over the next few days!!

Thanks guys!