New gameplay videos coming soon!!

Hey everyone,

So today I decided to look into doing some more recording, after I altered my mic setup a little (it was getting annoying hearing my pc in the background) and with comments on audio quality I was spurred on to try and deal with it. Having my mic on a budget studio arm mounted to my desk is at the moment the only way of keeping the mic somewhat close to my mouth, this causes other issues when recording so I pulled out my pop shield and got it attached and now I am a lot closer to having ultra clear audio.

The only known issues you can hear in the audio is things I have no control over at all, things like my keyboard and noisy neighbors living directly next to my room where I record so we’ll just have to make do, so with everything pretty much set up I’m ready to start recording again.

Over the next two or three days I plan to do a fair amount of recording in various games (Stranded Deep, Farming sim 15, Minecraft and possibly others) and my aim is to get enough recording done so that I can schedule one or two videos to go live per day 7 days a week however this is going to be tested and I cannot promise two videos every day.

Also I am hoping to start recording my own Farm Sim 15 series very soon, there are also plans to try and do other game series as well however I haven’t really decided what games just yet.

So for now I have a few other things to take care of so, I’ll see you all soon!