New Pc upgrade installed!!

Hello everyone…

As a YouTube Content Creator (Gameplay Commentary, Unboxings, Reviews and Ramble Videos) it’s commonly known that you need a decent Pc to handle the required resources, which means you will need a generous amount of Ram. This time yesterday my Pc only had 4Gb of DDR1 Ram which wasn’t really ideal and did often cause my Pc to lag a fair amount during heavy usage.

So with my future plans in mind, I decided to look into doing some upgrades and the Ram was the first on the list. So I took to Amazon in my quest to find a bargain price for some fairly decent Ram and as much as I could possibly afford to pay and a few hours later I found 16Gb of HyperX Savage DDR3 Ram.


I ordered the Ram on Saturday 14th in the afternoon and was told that I would have to wait until Monday, so I opted to pay about £5 for next day delivery (incl Sunday) and that is exactly what happened… Sunday morning DPD delivered my package bang on time.

The Pc still lags a small amount however that is mainly down to me installing games and software on my SSD, when they should actually be installed on my other Hard Drive so I will begin my quest to move them over when I get the time.

Now, I am still waiting for one last package which I’m not sure when it will be arriving but I am hoping it will be here in the next day or so.

Thanks for reading!