New studio changes, but why?

Hello everyone!

Yesterday whilst trying to record some videos I found I was having issues with my webcam and the low light in the room, this isn’t really a new issue as I have had the problem before however with the nights now drawing in earlier it is starting to become an issue again.

Having tried everything I could think of to try and resolve the problem (other than only recording in the mornings) I took to the internet to try and find some kind of solution, after looking at various desk lamps and coming to the conclusion they won’t really work too well I splashed a fairly large sum of money.

What I decided to do was purchase some studio light boxes that produce enough lighting to increase the light levels enough, however included with the light boxes is a full green screen setup with three different colors of material.

Do I plan to use the green screen?

I do plan to use the green screen however at this time I am undecided if I use the green screen now or if I wait until we have moved house and then set up the green screen permanently, though this could change if I decided to review everything sooner.

At this moment in time it would probably a little pointless even thinking of setting up my green screen for video production as my webcam isn’t the best though there are plans on replacing it within a few weeks.

So, until next time…

Thanks for reading and I’ll speak to you all again soon!