New Year, New Custom Gaming PC?

Hello again everyone!

As some people may know I am a huge Computer geek/nerd, I currently own 2 custom desktop PC’s as well as my HP Envy laptop plus two smart phones and I used to have an iPad as well.

My current PC is my highest spec’d custom PC to date however with my plans to push production over on both of my YouTube channels my current PC doesn’t really support HD video recording due to the AMD A10 APU.

With this somewhat holding me back I had to make a decision… Do I upgrade my current PC with a new Motherboard and CPU or, do I go all out and build a brand new system but use some of the parts from the current PC.

So the plan is that I will be getting a brand new PC Case (as yet I haven’t made a final choice) which will be the base of the new PC, it will then house the new MSI Z97S SLI Krait Edition ATX Motherboard and Intel’s i7 4.0GHz 4790K CPU as well as a few SSD’s and a brand new larger Hard Drive.

From the current PC I will be taking out the 16GB HyperX Savage RAM, the Seagate Baracuda Hard Drive, the CD burner and the MSI R9 380 graphics card.

There are also plans to install a bigger PSU (Power Supply Unit) and install a Corsair Closed Loop water cooler as well as upgraded Case fans to try and make the computer as quiet as possible however this new PC will be a long term project with the possibility of new parts in the near future.

How long will this take?

Time is somewhat important as I am only recording the occasional Vlog on my Vlogging channel and I really want to get back into recording some “Let’s Play” gaming videos and continue with some of the other gaming videos.

I aim if possible to have the new PC ready by January which gives me about 2 months however if I need to extend the finish time I will do.

So wish me all the luck in this venture as it will be my first, hand built custom PC but I will try and Vlog the entire process!

Until next time, take care and I’ll speak to you all again soon!