New YouTube videos coming soon!

Hey everyone!

So I know I’ve been a bit distant on the YouTube front lately due to personal issues as I currently dealing with a few mental health illness and phobia’s, however for me recording and posting content to YouTube is somewhat my escape from all the negative crap that I go through daily.

There is also the issue of noisy neighbors so I have to battle with background noises while trying to record, with this causing an annoyance mainly for myself (as some people understand I cannot control all background noises) I have chosen to try and record in the evenings when my neighbors are a little less noisy but this can also affect my father who sleeps in the next room.

With all of the above in mind I am now looking at video editing software as my current software doesn’t seem to support all media file types, but I am looking into this and hopefully this will somewhat improve the quality of content.

Once everything I have listed is resolved I will then be looking into adding a better camera for the vlogs as at the moment I currently use my Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone but eventually I hope to add a HD video camera for when I record vlogs.

So for now I hope you all understand and I promise that I will be making a return with some Minecraft, ets2, Cities: Skylines and a whole lot more!

Thanks for reading