No more scheduled posts!

Hey guys!

This post is just to inform everyone that I will no longer be able to schedule blog posts from now, I did try to do so for yesterday’s post however the post wouldn’t publish and I ended up having to force it manually to publish.

After this I contacted the hosting provider and was informed that this isn’t a possibility on my hosting plan as it can have some security issues, so putting my sites safety is obviously my main concern so I’ve decided that I’ll no longer be scheduling blog posts.

Instead of writing out 4 or 5 days worth of post’s then scheduling them I have come up with an alternative however it does mean I have to focus on my time keeping, as the plan is to write them out as normal and save them as a draft… then manually publish each draft per day at 6pm Uk time.

So just a forewarning that as I’m not really known for my time keeping skills, some posts may be a little late (Kind of like this one, over six hours late) however I will do my best to get them out on time.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all understand!

Until next time, take care.