Nobody likes my videos!

Hello everyone!!

Firstly this post isn’t clickbait and I’m not looking for sympathy at all, however I wanted to talk about the YouTube “Likes” abuse I’ve been having over the last few months…

When I started YouTube I never set out to create content that everyone in the world would like, I simply make videos that I enjoy and if somehow someone stumbles upon my videos and likes it then that’s awesome!

If you ask some of the biggest YouTubers they will all tell you that if you make a video of yourself playing a game that you DON’T enjoy, people will pick up on it and chances are that video won’t perform too well so ONLY play games that you enjoy and only make the videos when you feel like it.

It’s pretty obvious to me as well as others that on YouTube (even other platforms i.e Twitch) people actively attack others that play games purely because they don’t like it and this is something nobody can explain why they do it and it certainly won’t stop.

However on my YouTube channels I have been attacked on numerous occasions simply because the individual(s) just don’t like me, don’t want to support me and they want me to be unhappy… Probably so they can feel like they have control over my life.

It started with some pretty basic lame comments so since I have the ability I silenced them on the channels to prevent them from commenting which made them think of other ways, this is when the dislikes rocketed from zero to over 50 in just minutes!!

To say I’m dis-heartened is obviously an understatement, I believe that as a human I should be respected enough to be left to do what I enjoy and because I may have pissed someone off when I refused to eat out of their hands they decided to attack my YouTube channels… which makes me laugh at how childish and pathetic they really are as “adults”.

Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t NEED all my videos to be liked and if I get genuine dislikes that is completely fine but for so called adults to actively spam dislikes just goes to show they actually care about what I’m doing with my life and honestly it really isn’t affecting me the way they want it to.

I will be addressing this situation on my YouTube channel over the next few days with a video so not to create a huge essay for people to read here so be sure to follow me on Twitter to find out when the video is live.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back again very soon!