Non-Commentary Uploads?

Hello everyone!

Today I posted the first episode in my new “Non-Commentary” series of videos on my Gaming channel and I wanted to explain the reason behind it, for those wonder if I’ve given up with Commentary uploads the short answer is… No!

Due to my mental health conditions I sometimes experience days where I really don’t feel like talking however I really want to continue to create content at the same time, due to this I spoke to a few other YouTubers who create gameplay content without commentary and they confirmed that these types of videos do still attract viewers.

With this in mind I decided that creating non-commentary content is a lot easier to record and edit as well as meaning I can record these videos at any time of day or night, commentary videos however can only be recorded during the day to prevent disturbing others while they’re sleeping.

As I’ve already said at the start of this post I am not and do not plan to end my commentary videos, I just decided that when I can’t record commentary videos I would simply record some non-commentary videos.

So be assured that more commentary videos will be recorded and posted as soon as possible, I have lots of plans from Minecraft to Farming Simulator 17 that will contain commentary and recording of those shouldn’t be too far away.

Thank you for reading, the support I have received has been truly amazing even when online bullies / trolls attacked both myself and my channel I now feel I have the strength and courage to push on forward and continue to produce videos.

Until next time, I’ll speak with you all again soon!