Panasonic Lumix TZ55 Digital Camera Review


A few months ago I decided that I would love to be able to vlog for my YouTube channel and with both my smart phones not really being up to the job and a newer smart phone not being financially possible I decided to look into digital cameras.

A few cameras were recommended to myself though most were almost identical in price to some of the newer smart phones but one stood out, the Panasonic Lumix TZ55 Ultra Compact Full HD digital camera.

After scouring the internet for the best price I eventually found one on Amazon on sale for £104.49 (White and Red versions both slightly higher) and after reading some of the information regarding the camera, I placed my order.


The TZ55, released in 2014 alongside the TZ60 is a Lumix model with bags of features, with the main boasting feature being the 180 degree 460K-dot fold-up non-touchscreen rear display making the camera ideal for Vlogging or Selfie enthusiasts.

It comes with 20x optical zoom which is digitally extended to an equivalent of up to 40x with Panasonic’s Intelligent Resolution and Intelligent Zoom compensating to ensure minimal loss of image quality, Panasonic’s OIS technology also minimises blur caused by camera shakes.

The camera also offers Wi-Fi, 10FPS speed shooting and 15 creative filters for stills, panorama and Full HD 1080p video recording and an easy four-frame burst mode as a way to counteract having stills featuring people with their eyes closed.

Finally it’s not the smallest of compact digital cameras at 32.4mm thick and weighing 250g it is a camera you can carry in your pocket for those unexpected moments though I would recommend a case.

Available in Black, White and an eye catching Red however each finish does have a separate price with black being the cheapest option.

Overall thoughts:

I have used my TZ55 for a few months now and have already used it to creative various YouTube videos (Vlogs mainly) and I will admit there are better cameras available on the market for for a budget camera I can’t really fault it.

The only issues I have experienced with the camera is

  1. On certain settings the audio can lack in quality
  2. Whilst Vlogging under certain modes, the auto focus can cause some blur

I would certainly recommend this camera if you are thinking of buying a budget camera but I will warn you that if you plan on Vlogging with it, take time to test using different modes.


Thanks for reading, I have more reviews to come so be sure to stick around!