PC Building Simulator… Should you buy it?

Is there any chance a game can become more than just a game? previously the idea of a game being use as an educational tool seemed a bit of a joke however the devs behind PC Building Simulator may have just cracked it.

The story of the game is that you take over a PC building and maintenance company from “Uncle Tim” however you’re left with no money available so you need to do jobs for people to rectify this.

The jobs you get also vary from simple tasks like removing viruses all the way to troubleshooting problems then fixing them all whilst trying to earn more money to upgrade the office with more workstations.

The game is also very detailed from the cases, to the way everything is installed right down to installing cables however at the moment there is no option for cable management which to some may be a good thing however I’m hopefull this is added at some stage.

And unlike some games that use fake company brands PC building simulator is going one better again and using genuine companies such as AMD, Evga, Gigabyte, MSi, Cooler Master and Cryorig to name a few and there may be more to come in the future.

As always let’s take a look at the good points and the bad (or not so good) points…

Good points:

  • The game really does teach you how PC’s are built and the tutorial is a huge help.
  • The options for PC builds are “almost” limitless with various options to pick from.


  • The game can sometimes feel rather slow, your movement in game is like you’re walking slowly and so far I haven’t found an option to alter this.
  • Some cables can glitch through parts such as the monitors and cpu coolers.

While I’m aware the game is still early access and there are still lots of things to come there are a few things I’d personally like to see added to the game.

First I’d like the option to customise the office such as buying different desks, cabinets to changing the flooring, wall colours and maybe even the option to expand the office itself.

I’d also like the option to hire staff, almost like real life companies none of them run single handed and building 3 PC’s on your own doesn’t really make much sence to me personally.

Finally I’ve heard there are possibilities of extra peripherals being added, it would be nice if we could buy new things like keyboards, mice and additional monitors.

Final thoughts:

The game in it’s current form makes it a fun game to play and I’m personally excited to see what direction the devs take in the near future, I would also like to see more companies join in as well mainly one of my personal favorites Razer.

I would highly reccommend this game if you are looking to learn how to build custom PC’s and if simulators are your thing, the price tag seems rather fair as well.

For more information on the game check out the official website too: www.pcbuildingsim.com

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this useful in some way! If you did please consider sharing it via social media and I’ll be back soon with more.