Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Review!

Hello everyone!

Before I get into talking about the game I want to stress these are my personal opinions and admittedly have only played two matches so far, though already have some things I wanted to talk about…

After watching a few friends streaming the beta of Battlegrounds everything was looking positive, I like the idea behind the game of throwing a bunch of people onto an island with the goal being the last to survive.

Whilst I’ve heard that some feel the matchmaking can sometimes seem a little unfair, I personally enjoy the challenge of battling with those somewhat better than myself as it makes me learn new methods and techniques a bit faster than playing someone of my own skill level… Easy kills usually mean nothing to me.

So I bit the bullet (excuse the pun) and bought myself a copy of Battlegrounds on Steam to try it out for myself, bare in mind the game is still early access the game actually runs pretty smooth on my setup (you can see my setup specs here) though I did find the main screen when you load into the game appears to need more optimization as my temps which are monitored by NZXT’s CAM software went over 10degrees C higher than during actual gameplay.

Also when it comes to character customization I feel the game lacks a little however saying this I would probably prefer the developers focused more on improving the optimization before adding anything more content wise, though in the future I’d like to see the ability to customize your character a bit more… 5 facial presets, 3 skin tones and 7 hair styles means you’re bound to find others that look exactly the same.

Weapons aren’t hugely difficult to find either and with the ability to add scopes, grips etc it promotes different styles of fighting including sniping from behind walls, trees and bushes etc which keeps you on your toes.

Overall the game is really promising and I’m fairly happy with it so far, as I already said the game is early access so there are bound to be bugs and little niggles in places and the developers have mentioned this upon loading the game though if you don’t want to endure these issues I suggest waiting until the game has been ironed out a little more.

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