Problems with my Razer DeathAdder!

Hey everyone!!

So as some may know sometime in December I treated myself to a Razer DeathAdder mouse which cost a small fortune, less than 3 months of owning it… it has decided to have a mind of it’s own and randomly double click when I don’t want to double click.

I have looked into it earlier today and found it isn’t unheard of for Razer mice to have this issue and most have offered tutorials on how to repair it yourself, personally I’m not going to attempt to repair it myself due to the fact it’s still within it’s two year warranty and this isn’t something I want to void.

I have contacted Razer’s support to find out if it was possibly part of a bad batch or something and if there’s a known issue, if there is a way I can repair it without voiding the warrant. If not then hopefully I can get a replacement as soon as possible which will probably mean taking it to the store where I bought it.

The fact I’ve spent so much money on Razer peripherals this isn’t really feeling me with the greatest of confidence, with other planned purchases of Razer products those plans are now on hold and really depend on how Razer deal with this issue… Who knows maybe I’ll join others and jump ship.

Stay tuned to my website for more on this and I will try and record a video regarding this once I have heard back from Razer.