Razer Sabertooth Review

Hey everyone!

So yesterday I decided that I really needed to get myself a new controller to use for gaming on my PC, so I went in search for a cheap ish controller and with the standard wired 360 controller in mind I stumbled across the Razer Sabertooth.

The sabertooth is an elite gaming controller aimed at first person shooter games but can obviously be used for any game (even ets2, if you fancy a challenge) and personally I was surprised when I was told it was only £2 more than the wired 360 controller I was planning on buying.

I think it’s pretty obvious that with that level of value you only have one option? I bought the Razer Sabertooth and I would personally say that even though it’s only £2 more expensive, it’s worth a lot more!

The controller comes in the box with a hardened carry case, Razer’s green rubber thumbstick grips and black trigger blanking covers as well as additional triggers behind the controller that are easily reached, you also get a special tool to remove the additional triggers if you don’t wish to use them and a long braided cable with a metal screw attachment to securely attach the cable to the controller.

Now I’ve never really been into the shooter games so much however I have played all of the Call of Duty titles so far (except Advanced Warfare) and I have also played a fair bit of Titanfall but I make no efforts to lead people to believe I’m anywhere near pro level, however I did find that using my controller in Titanfall gave me a bigger advantage and as a result earned more kills.

Personally this is an affordable, Pro grade gaming controller compatible for both Xbox 360 and PC and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a replacement.

I think giving it below an 8 is unfair however it isn’t a 10, some of the triggers feel a little loose and could be a bit firmer/tighter but other than that I can’t really complain.

Out of 10, I would give this controller… 9!

Look out for the unboxing video due Monday at 6PM, until then take care and I’ll speak to you all again soon!