Replacement monitor is home!

Hey everyone

So for those that didn’t know, not so long ago I invested in an AOC 21.5inch monitor to help me with my gameplay commentary videos and live streams that I plan to start in the very near future however after fiddling around with the monitor for days I was unable to adjust it to suit my requirements.

After various discussions with other AOC users online and three failed attempts to get product support from AOC support I decided it was time to replace it with something “better”, not really knowing much about monitor ratio’s etc I decided to go with a brand I know, love and more than anything….Trust!

So I went to my local PC World to take back the AOC monitor and explained how unhappy I was and set out picking out a replacement and opted for the Hp Pavilion 22xi monitor, I’ve used Hp in the past and I’ve never had any major issues with the products and when an problem did arise the support staff were at hand to help me and unlike AOC the support was really helpful and also fast.

In my own honest opinion the AOC monitor that I had could and should have been a good monitor costing more that £70, however they seemed to have almost rushed production to earn a few extra quid and that’s never a good policy in anyone’s standards admittedly I do have high expectations but then who doesn’t these days?

I’ve owned the Hp monitor less than 3 hours and I have to say I am truly over the moon with what I have paid for and with VGA, DVi and HDMI input’s this monitor will plug into pretty much all graphics cards on the market and what’s more is Hp supply both VGA and DVi cables so you can pick what is best for you….Ok they could have supplied a HDMI cable too but it’s nothing major.

Also in the box Hp supply two power cables, an EU 3-prong plug and a US 2-prong plug and these plug into a small box that then plugs into the monitor which looks pretty damn neat to me.

So overall as you can probably tell I am super pleased with this monitor already and I plan to add another two in the future once my gaming PC is here, I just need to save up for that first!

For now though, that’s all remember to check out my YouTube channel for new videos coming soon and keep an eye here for news regarding my Twitch live streams also planned to start soon.