Saitek Farming Sim Controller… My thoughts

Hey Guys!

A while back while watching a live stream someone asked for peoples opinions on the fact that Saitek were developing a custom made controller for the Farming Simulator titles, I thought at first it was a bit of a joke however after a short google search I found the Saitek website with the controller featured.

Personally I feel “controller” is probably the wrong wording as it made me picture an actual hand-held gaming controller, however the Saitek Farm Sim controller is actually a wheel set that includes the steering wheel, pedals and control panel designed to operate various functions of a tractor or combine harvester as well as it’s tools.

If I’m honest I really like the idea of this controller as I do tend to use my G27 racing wheel to play Farming Sim 15 however if you have done the same, you will know that you are somewhat limited as a majority of the buttons on the wheel don’t actually work.

I have to say that I do feel the price tag is somewhat high however saying that, it is a lot cheaper than the new Logitech wheels and comes with more in the box and I assume as like most products the price may still drop depending on how popular it turns out to be… But it’s safe to say, I want one myself and will be one of those that actually buy one!

The plan is to buy one myself then once I have gotten to grips with it, I will attempt to do a product review of it.

So until then, I’ll just have to drool over the pictures of it…