Site changes…

Hey everyone!

I know I have been pretty quiet as of late due to personal health issues however I am recovering and plan to get back into producing more gameplay videos and live streams very soon, I have also been working really hard on a few other projects as well which I am keeping quiet about for now but all will be revealed soon!!

So as you may have noticed I have decided to change the WordPress theme (again) and I plan to stick with this one now, as it’s a free premium theme and those that use WordPress will know that free “decent” themes are very few and far between.

I will also be working on the site pages as well editing parts like the photo gallery and Videos pages as well as maybe added a few more page for additional content such as computer specs, web links, Live streams and maybe something else.

Speaking of live streams, I was planning on doing Farming Simulator gameplay videos for my YouTube channel however as the gameplay is really slow in game any videos would be rather long (I’m talking hours…) so I have decided that it might be a better option to do some live streams of it instead and if enough people want some gameplay videos I might start doing so.

So for now, I’m lacking sleep and it’s 7am!! so I’ll end it here… I have more post’s coming over the next few days in regards to reviews etc so keep an eye out for those.

Thanks for reading!